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I would like to thank all the folks out there  who spent the time reviewing my site and found it worthy of their awards, their recognition is highly appreciated. All the awards are linked back to the sites that they were received from.


Date Achieved: 10 June 2001

Colleens Corner Award

I enjoyed my visit to your site, Raymon Personal Homepage, very much. Your pages are all wonderfully done with very interesting content.. a warm and friendly place to visit

Date Achieved: 11 June 2001

Forever Friends Award

We have visited your web site today and we think you have done a FANTASTIC job! Therefore, it gives us great pleasure in presenting you with our award

Date Achieved: 16 June 2001

The purpose of our award program is to recognize the effort you put into creating the pages and to encourage webmistresses and webmasters in further development of web creation

Date Achieved: 25 June 2001

1 Simple Guide's Merit Award

Your site 'Raymon Personal Homepage' has been reviewed by all our judges. We are proud to reward you with our 1 Simple Guide's Merit Award! Your site will be added to our winners list in a few days time.

Date Achieved: 01 July 2001

Platinum Award

Platinum Award