I, Raymon has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate my firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for Our Web site

Information Automatically Logged

I use your IP address to help diagnose problems and to administer my Web site, and also to create statistic related to my Web site.

Respecting Your Privacy

I  do not sell, trade, give away, or otherwise share or reveal any of the information collected on my site. This information is used solely for the stated purpose (ie. guestbook). I do not sell, trade, give away, or otherwise share your e-mail address.

Cookies and Captures

I do track the number of hits on the various pages of the site, but I do not track where specific people go and I do not use or send cookies. I do not use a program to "capture" e-mail addresses for subscription purposes although there are places for you to enter your e-mail address for guest book or feedback.

Guest Book Terms of Use

Please make sure that you do not post personal confidential information in my Guest Book as this can be accessed by anyone over the Internet. Protect your privacy! Caution should be exercised when sharing e-mail addresses and/or any other information of a personal or private nature.We suggest that you use a generic e-mail address like hotmail or yahoo if you wish to enter your e-mail address.

How To Stop Spam

For more information about how to get rid of spam in general visit this Spam Primer

Terms Of Use

Visitors and guests may use any material original to this site with proper attribution. Use of copyrighted material requires permission of the owner of the copyright. Our Web makes every reasonable effort to determine the copyright holder's name for all graphics and content I use, and give proper credit. If you become aware of any copyrighted material on this site for which proper credit is not given, please let me know.


Our Web is responsible only for content under my control. Questions or concerns about the privacy practices or the content of sites to which I link should be directed to the owners of those sites. Our Web makes every reasonable effort to avoid linking to sites which do not have child safe content. If you become aware of information on any site to which we link which is not "family friendly" please let me know.

If you think I have not complied with this policy, please notify me.